Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a thought

It's funny how the Neo-Tories have always been so eager to make everything a non-confidence motion, even when parliamentary rules say otherwise. They're always pushing for elections, or threatening elections. On the other hand, the Liberals in power (and now in opposition) have found it more prudent to only have elections when absolutely necessary.

I still think that decision to not bring down the government over the budget was the right choice.

I may mistrust and dislike the Conservative government deeply, but I believe the general public doesn't want elections unless they are really called for.

Polling, for what it's worth, gives some indication of when people want a change in government, and it hasn't been looking like enough Canadians want a change.

That said, in light of this latest evidence of utter Harpocracy, we may just have to make the case that this government shouldn't be trusted with the reigns any longer.


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