Monday, March 03, 2008

Lawsuit eh? That sounds familiar...

Maybe Harper thinks this will work out for him like it did for his crony Brian Mulroney, eh?

I don't think this lawsuit nonsense should be allowed; isn't it reasonable to suspect that the leader of a political party would have knowledge about any offers being made to "bring someone back into the party?"

I think the RCMP has to investigate this one and get to the bottom of it; hopefully they'll really investigate this one though, unlike the Mulroney-Airbus investigation.
Or, maybe instead we should hand this over to CBC's "The Fifth Estate" to look into? They at least seem to have the dogged determination to get to the facts.
So how does this work? If I'm of the opinion that Harper may be full of shit (that's a legal term, right?) when he says he knew nothing about a $1 million life insurance policy being offered to Chuck Cadman, can I be sued for making public my suspicions?
I'm Just asking...

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