Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh, come off it already...

...that's my response to this post at POGGE, which links to this post at The Vanity Press.

What is so difficult to understand?

Yes, to some degree it's reasonable to complain about the situation the current parliament has found itself in, at least if you are a supporter of any party but the neo-Tories.

To avoid triggering an election that, from the gauging of most polls, may not change the landscape of the government and may even result in a poorer showing for the Liberal party and perhaps all the opposition parties, the Federal Libs have found themselves in the wretched position of having to avoid toppling the minority CPC government.

From the perspective of the more election-hawkish in the Liberal ranks and CPC opponents of all stripes this has been vexing, to say the least.

I think most of us can agree we want the CPC out of power; like the possibility of a comeback by Pauly Shore or Andrew Dice Clay, we're not crazy about anything they've done so far, and we're not eager to see what they'll do next.

So, when anyone suggests that it isn't a good time to call an election, they're banded a "Nervous Nellie." The Liberals are being castigated for not pulling the trigger sooner.

Never mind the fact, as mentioned, that the polls don't seem to indicate a significant change in the popular opinion. If the polls showed that Harper and his band were dramatically falling from favour with the general public, then the choice would be more obvious.

Add to the lack of substantial shift in public opinion the newly revealed information that the Quebec Liberal party is no where near election readiness, and is also apparently ready to revolt (although not because they're itching for an election, otherwise they'd have their derrieres in gear).

But there are still some who would prefer that the Liberals "go down fighting" rather than "rearranging the deck chairs." Yes that's right, the party should commit sepuku in an effort to bring about what could potentially be a negative outcome for any progressive concerned.

To them, I might also like to explain the cost of general elections, something that seems to be forgotten in much of this debate. And that's just the book-keeping by Elections Canada. I wonder what the cost is when you factor in the time and effort that has to be donated by so many volunteers?

Hey, let me be the first to suggest though that the cost of the election has to be weighed against the cost of preventing further significant damage to the national economy by a bunch of inexperienced right wing policy wonks.

Again though, if the general public doesn't appear to be in favour of a change, then what is the point?

Now, if you want to bitch about the Federal Liberals not doing enough to change the popular opinion against the CPC government, then that's certainly fair game; but to suggest that they've totally abnegated the role of opposition is pretty rich (to put it politely) when considering that Jack Layton has spent as much time, if not more, attacking the Liberal party as he has the CPC government.

Seeing as the Liberals are being blamed for keeping this minority government on life support, just remember that when the time does come, it'll be the Liberals bringing the change.

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