Saturday, March 22, 2008

On the attack - part 2

So, why was I going on about the Liberal party needing to attack more? Aren't they already doing that?

Yes, but I just can't help but think that they're still not totally back into the role of being opposition, and being on the attack, rather than being attacked.

The attacking against the Liberals, or Stephane Dion hasn't stopped. In the last two years, the Conservatives have run attack ads on at least two separate occasions since becoming the government... I still think this is totally unprecedented. This is the table that the Liberals have got to turn around decisively.

It's great that the party is top heavy with talent, brains and experience; what they need to do though, is create another rat pack.

Next, they have to get the message out to the un-politicised public. Not the people/trolls who read blogs. Not the people who watch Mike Duffy, or Don Martin or Steve Paiken... those people are already politically engaged. This is about getting the message out to the people on the street who don't follow politics, and maybe might hear/talk about an issue if it makes the headlines.

There has to be more getting in front of the media and making more noise about the failings of this government (seriously... this week should be hammering away on these two issues)

...and once and for all explaining that the Liberal party is not going to waste taxpayer money triggering an election that isn't going to change the landscape.

I'm not exactly thrilled that the government has gotten off the hook on as many issues as they have, but until we get the message out, nothing can change.


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