Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wow, is this ever getting ugly...

I'd like to say that the reports of the demise of the Liberal party of Canada are greatly exaggerated, but come on already!

Yes, everyone knows the value of holding the moral high ground, but it doesn't take a brilliant political strategist to know that this wasn't the way to do it.

Just in case you aren't clear as to why this isn't a sound move: Every other member of Parliament will no longer take you seriously... a sentiment that could soon start spreading to Canadians in general.

So I can understand when other progressives who aren't Liberals themselves are pretty disappointed, because I am too.

We all know that the NDP and Bloc were being shameless opportunists when they brought down the last Liberal government, but hey... that's what opposition parties do. If there hadn't been a scandal that had driven many soft-liberals into the woodwork or to another party, then the government would have bounced back.

Just don't expect that the average Canadian is still seething over that last election... they aren't. They've moved on. So should we.

I had been in favor of holding off on an election because most polls made it pretty apparent that the general populace isn't swaying one way or another; the overall mood of the nation is that an election isn't called for. Waiting until after the by-elections was the way to go. Letting the Cadman affair simmer would have been an easy course. Defeating the back door anti-abortion bill should have been a no brainer... come on, you're supposed to be the professionals at this.

Now the party has to hold off and clean up this hairball (except that cleaning up an actual hairball would be preferable, more pleasant and less embarrassing).

For crying out loud would you just do whatever it takes to get Kinsella back on side and working for you? That's the best advice I can offer.


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