Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's in you to give... do I hear a challenge?

Canadian Blood Services are putting out the call for blood donations, as the summer brings an increased demand and the current supply is low. I noticed this story last week, and even received an unprecented email this morning:

From the bottom of my bleeding liberal heart, I'd personally like to challenge all blogging Tories, dippers, Greens and my fellow Libloggers to roll up your sleeves and give 'em a pint.

Dare we turn this into a challenge? We could keep track to see which group manages to have the most participants.

Send me a pic of you donating to be added to the tally (specify if you don't want your picture posted on-line). Be sure to mention which party you are representing.

In deference to anyone who may have donated in the past week or so, let's keep this open long enough for them to be able to donate again... deadline is September 19th.

Update Sept 4th: Ok, it would seem there aren't too many takers. After my donation today the score stands at:

Liberals: 1

Greens: 0

NDP: 0

CPC: 0

Chalk it up to my underwhelming blog :-P


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dion wins a convert... a sign of things to come?

Reid Scott is joining the Liberal party after being an NDP member for six decades.