Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey Jack, Listen up: This is why I'm not going to vote NDP*

I had the pleasure of catching a brief snippet you on CBC Radio1 on the drive home tonight, and I just thought I'd pass on a little advice:

I get that you don't just want to be leader of the official opposition, but rather that you want to be elected Prime Minister.

I get that your job is to attract as many voters to the NDP as possible. Got it.

I totally grok that you and all of the NDP supports out there truly and passionately believe in the NDP vision, and furthermore that you all believe it is the best path for all (or at least most)Canadians. Check.

But when you start flatulating about voters not choosing the "same-old-same-old," as you put it, you only steel my resolve not to vote for you.

Did it ever occur to you or your genius campaign advisers that maybe some Liberals vote Liberal not just out of habit, but because its the party that has best represented our values, and has achieved great things? When you denigrate those achievements, you only succeed in driving my vote away.

Was helping ensure that gays and lesbians are not second class citizens, but instead enjoy the same rights and privileges as all Canadians the "same-old-same-old"?

Was lengthening maternity leave to one year the "same-old-same-old"?

Was balancing the Federal budget and helping ensure prosperity for Canada the "same-old-same-old"? This one is especially poignant, because Mulroney left Canada with the largest deficit ever, and there is no way any NDP'er could ever say with a straight face that the NDP would have had the cool hand to pull that recovery off.

Was choosing to keep Canada out of the 2nd Iraq war the "same-old-same-old"? Meh, probably, and the NDP would have done that too I guess.

Has the NDP ever even come close to the remotest possibility of achieving the position of leadership in this country to be able to achieve any of these things? Ever wonder why perhaps?

So Jack, the quick and dirty is that your "same-old-same-old" line is, quite frankly, offensive.

So kindly get stuffed.

*at least in this election, for certain. If , in the future, for some unforeseen reason I should find myself living in a riding where the NDP have the best shot at winning the local seat in a close race with a CPC candidate, I would likely hold my nose and lend you my vote, because that's the kind of guy I am. Get stuffed.

Update: Let me spell this out for people like Lefdog who just don't get it... I listened to Jack instead of reflexively turning off the radio, and he only succeeded in offending me. Is this a good strategy? Hmmmm? Shit, why am I bothering?


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