Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I like Nik's numbers...

Although I think Canadians still need to get to know Mr. Dion a bit better.

I guess the big test will be convincing the swing voters, or for the neo-tories: how effective will their smear campaign be?

They must have one in the can waiting to go... we should see it soon.

It must be nerve wracking to see all the money spent on three media smear campaigns in two years have brough minimal results, at best.

Nik on the Numbers The latest Nanos poll shows that the Liberals and Conservatives are gripped in a deadlock (LP 35%, CP 33%, NDP 17%, BQ 8%, GP 7%).Of note, in the province of Quebec, support for the Bloc has decreasedsignificantly by nine points in the last quarter, with the NDP picking up most of that support. On the best Prime Minister front, Stephen Harper still enjoys a significant advantage over Stephane Dion.A potential election poses risks for both the Conservatives and the Liberals. Prime Minister Harper seems ready to risk his mandate while his party is tied with the Liberals. Liberal leader Stephane Dion has not been embraced by Canadians.


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