Saturday, September 13, 2008

I read the news today, egad...

This is a situation that needs to be turned around, and I think it still can. If it's one thing that Dion has proven, is that he can achieve victory against daunting odds.

Part of the problem is that the CPC, which has been steadily gaining strength since they unified, has developed and honed an effective election machine.

The Liberal campaign has got to go on the offensive, and this is one way to do it, especially now with the price of gas jumping up. The other way is by hammering away at the broken promises, scandals, and situations that should rightfully make Canadians doubt the integrity of the Harper Conservatives

Another point that the general public seems to be missing, and that must be brought to their attention is that the Green shift is a combination of taxes combined with tax breaks, and that it's possible to come out ahead with an overall tax cut.


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