Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strategic voting. Friends, Canadians, lend us your votes... or not

Vote for Environment seems to be getting a lot of attention. I'm obviously in favour of strategic voting, as I prefer to see the Harper Conservatives braying at the government from the opposition benches.

But I'm not getting my hopes up.

From their analysis on the seat allocation if everyone votes 'smart' (VFE's words), it would seem an obvious win-win-win-victoire situation for the parties in the Progressive spectrum.

The Achilles heel for this plan is the funding question. Parties that receive over 2% of the national vote are given $1.75 per vote received on election day. Add to that the riding's that receive over 10% of the vote locally will receive back 50% of their campaign spending. These two points alone give the NDP and Green party boosters sufficient reason not to support strategic voting.

The Greens even have a page arguing against strategic voting.

Greens, NDP and Democracy: 1
LPC and Strategic voting: kick in the groin

Of course, the parties then forming the coalition government could find legislative solutions to make up for such future shortfalls. Just being an active part of a coalition has benefits such as higher public profile and governing credibility that, imho, outweigh one-time election funding.

Still, I just don't see it happeneing to any substantial degree. The parties aren't interesting in risking their votes, and the 'non-politicized' public is just not that fired up about preventing another Haper government.

Nice try though. Nice site too.


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