Sunday, October 12, 2008

Now the muzzles on the other... er, you know what I mean...

Nice to the see the press is picking up on the fact that Stephen Harper has chosen to muzzle himself, along with the rest of this CPC caucus in the closing days of the election.

He might be giving speeches, but he won't be taking questions.

If it keeps him from giving out any more ill-informed stock advice, it might be the smartest move he's made in quite a while. I hope nobody was caught up in Steve's irrational exuberance with regards to 'good buys' in the market... now there's a piece of tape that would have been better off lost in translation.

Still, keeping himself at arms length from people with questions won't keep this tactic from being recognized as that of a weak leader. The Globe might think he's growing into the job, but I think he's wilting.

It's ironic that Harper had the temerity to jump on Stephane Dion's unfortunate taped interview from last week, when it proved to be a minor gaffe, and one that hasn't stopped Mr. Dion from meeting the press and taking questions.

Who's 'not a leader' now Steve, eh?


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