Tuesday, October 07, 2008

OMG Is this a joke?

This has to be some sort of bizarre joke right?

Of course, in a government where central messaging control is religion, it is all purely coincidental that the feds' latest marketing mascot is a white guy with a helmet-head hairdo and the same name as George Bush's favourite moniker for our PM.

And the timing... I'm speechless. Was this really supposed to help attract tourists to Canada?

On the page featuring Victoria, for instance, there's a picture of Steve in a wetsuit, looking oh-so-Stockwell Day, and talking about sea kayaking around the blue-hair capital of the universe.
Steve "tips his hat to Calgary" in an urban cowboy outfit, which at least looks a lot better on a bobblehead than the PM's famous vest get-up for the Stampede. Notably, a third of the page is devoted to the Calgarian inventor of the Bloody Caesar cocktail.


Afterthought: Hey wait a sec... is this their platform!? You will vote for bobblehead Steve... look into his eyes.... you're getting sleepy.


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