Sunday, October 12, 2008

Theft and Defacing of campaign signs is unacceptable regardless of which party is attacked

Until today, I had only heard about Liberal signs, houses and cars being targeted for election vandalism; however, it now seems to be blight that is affecting the CPC party as well.

It doesn't matter which party is being targeted, this kind of attack is utterly unacceptable, and an anathema to the democratic principles of freedom of speech and security of property and person.

In a time when the average person's regard for politicians and the political process is almost at an all time low, any such criminal behaviour that drives people further away from participation is utterly detestable.

It strikes me as such a bizarre tactic on so many levels... it only reflects poorly on the party(s) who signs aren't affected. The added expense ends up costing all taxpayers a little more, and if the perpetrators are to be caught and their association with a specific party is revealed, the effect for that party could be disastrous... why risk it?

It's easy to assume that the rival parties somehow endorse or condone this kind of behaviour, as I've figured must be the case here in Burlington and nearby Halton where the main victims appear to be Liberal, but such a knee jerk reaction would be equally wrong, and lends itself to possibly reinforcing these acts of vandalism.

I think all parties should make it a priority to condemn and acts of election vandalism, especially when it affects their rivals.

It might also help to restore some people's faith in the Canadian political system.


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