Tuesday, December 02, 2008

5 days and counting...

Thoughts on the today's news and recent events:

Peter MacKay and Ed Stelmach are only looking out for the interests of fellow Conservatives, nothing more.

Stephen Harper managed to blunder his way through the last election, and somehow got a free pass from a minority of voting Canadians. If the coalition doesn't take over, they will be letting down the majority of Canadians who voted for parties other than the CPC.

The most irresponsible thing Parliament could do would be to let Stephen Harper continue to act as Prime Minister.

I'm quite startled by the number of Canadians who don't seem to grasp that this is not only a function of Parliament, but who think this represents some sort of 'instability,' when in fact it is stability being reasserted.

Damn... six days and counting... you can tell that I'm eager for the change.


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