Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Crisis? What crisis?

My message to the coalition partners: Hang in there team. Two and a half years of peace, order and good government will make Canadians forget all about this brief kerfuffle.

I'm sick of this episode of parliamentary procedure 101 being described as a "crisis." The Economic meltdown currently still underway? That's a crisis. Terrorist attacks in Mumbai? Crisis. Thai protesters laying siege to airports? Crisis.

This isn't a crisis. A rare lesson in procedure, yep. Crisis? No.

The only people who really believe this is a "crisis" are Conservatives... for the majority of the Canadian electorate who voted for other parties, namely the Liberals, NDP and yes even the Bloc, this isn't a crisis; rather, it's an opportunity to have the kind of government that we wanted when we voted.

I'm really fed up with hearing this situation being called "undemocratic" by Harper and his minions. They are either being willfully deceptive, or they are truly ignorant when it comes to the processes of Parliament, but then again considering how they got themselves into this mess the latter might be closer to the truth.

Watching Rick Anderson on the National tonight, I was surprised to see him acting more of the shill than usual, and did I detect an edge in his voice? Some perturbation? He seemed to be laying it on pretty thick and partisan when he made his appeal to the 'grown-ups' in the opposition parties to save the Harper government from it's own ineptitude.

Also interesting was the brief mention that the Conservatives are making the rounds trying to see who they can get to cross the floor to help them, coupled with the veiled threat that Liberals or NDP'ers who support the coalition might find themselves in trouble in the next election, entirely ignoring the fact that they were elected by people who opposed the Conservatives.

I repeat: Keep your eyes on the ball. Two and a half years of peace, order and good government will make Canadians forget all about this tempest in a teapot. Make the Canadian Parliament work, and resist the temptation to try and make hay at your partners expense.

Wow... this would be excellent.


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