Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hasta la vista

I'll be getting on a plane this morning bound for Cancun, Mexico.

Just sayin.



Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year, everyone.

Wishing everyone, of all political stripes* a Happy New Year.

Au Revoir: Stephane Dion almost went out with a bang. I was pulling for him personally, and still think the coalition would have been a much better choice for Canada's government (thanks Michaelle). Far from being a lame duck -- the erroneous use of that term grated my nerves even more than Harper's disengenuous claims of the coalition being anti-democratic -- Stephane, in his final act as leader of the Liberal party, did a good job of reminding Harper that he's the leader of a minority government and forgets that fact at his own peril.

Egads: The perspective I'm getting -- not that I'm an economist or anything -- is that the economic downturn we just experienced is the result of two major bubbles, sub-prime mortgage lending and oil, both breaking. Both were artificially inflating economies thanks to rampant greed, as investors hoped to increase the value of their portfolios. The message for the future? Real growth needs to be based on concrete foundations, and investment in areas that bring real value to the market and society, locally and globally.

Wow, they did it: What a year in US politics... definitely one for the history books.

Some other leftover business from 2008: In late July I had attempted to jump-start a political blog inspired blood drive fueled by some good natured partisan competition. When the dust settled in September the only participant was still me.

Congratulations to Rob from Nanaimo who chimed in for the Conservative supporters in December... better late than never, and so a special Happy New Year to you Rob!

New totals:

Liberals: 1
CPC: 1
Greens: 0
NDP: 0

Hey, just a reminder that Canadian Blood Services still need donations eh?

I'm thinking about my predictions for 2009, and should post them sometime soon.

Update some time later: Predictions? Meh.

*Well, obviously not all political stripes: Neo-nazis, communists, Hamas, and other such extremist nutbars can all sod-off, thank you very much.