Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That sound you hear is me grinding my teeth

What an awful mis-step this is... really, what kind of excuse can there be for this level of ineptitude and sheer disregard for consumers? None.

Blogging hasn't been a priority, and nothings really fired me up in awhile, until now... notice my last post? My Mexican vacation in January was booked through Conquest. They were a recognized name brand in the industry, and we certainly had no reason to suspect they were teetering on insolvency.

Should we have been warned? Damn straight. Of course it would have meant we might not have booked our vacation with them, but then there wouldn't have been a risk of a vacation nightmare.

The people who ended up being held for ransom in their resorts in Mexico were denied the information that might have enabled them to make an informed decision.

I understand that TICO doesn't want to precipitate failures by companies that are cash strapped, but then again, who did that concern help in this case?

Conquest? Still went under.

Consumers? Shafted. Royally.