Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Because they don't seem to be doing anything else effectual...

Floundering in the polls, the Conservatives decide to step it up and... release more ads attacking the official opposition?

For an unbelievable third time, yet another unprecedented attack of the sitting opposition outside of an election period is the best thing Stephen Harper could come up with to improve his party's image.

This could be going a bit too far, as the Tory smear machine attempts to label one of Parliament's more accomplished MP's as an "arrogant elitist." Yep, only under the Harper Conservatives does being a Harvard professor count as a black mark, or a liability.

Steve-H seems to be under the mistaken impression that just because his degrees are apparently worthless, everyone else's are as well.
Hmmm... they appear to have disabled comments and ratings for this ad on Youtube... I wonder why, heh heh.

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