Tuesday, May 04, 2010


So then I turn the page and read about Nancy Ruth's comments... Wtf!?

Apopleptic with disbelief.

Vive les Canadiens!

About as short a french phrase as I could write and I'm somehow sure I've still managed to mangle it.

I'm trying to make reference to our Heritage Ministers idiocy in publicly proclaiming that one hockey team from the West coast is "Canada's real team." Oh, but it makes sense because he's so fond of their colours.

Never mind trying to argue the opposite point, name and historical significance of the Habs making more than a case for themselves.

No, the truth is that we have once again a cabinet minister, our Heritage minister no less, clearly playing favorites with segments of the Canadian population. What is it about the Conservatives that compels them to constantly pick and choose who is a real Canadian? It might not be such an annoying trait if they didn't seem to demonstrate such a profound inability to make a reasonable assessment.

You haven't lived in the country all your life? Your not a Canadian.

You were born in the country, but chose to work abroad? Less than Canadian.

You don't blindly support the actions of the military? Not a Canadian, or worse, you're some sort of traitor.

And now again they manage to cleave even more national division into another area where it really doesn't belong. Crass politics have been applied to something we all love, and should be able to enjoy without some idiot going and inadvertently spoiling it for some.

A crude attempt to label their vision of who and what represents Canada, ignorant of the reality of this country.

So, could somebody remind the erstwhile Heritage minister of the oath he pledged when he accepted his post? Maybe it will sink in enough that he'll start to pretend at least that he is supposed to represent all Canadians, including le "Canadiens."