Friday, April 29, 2011

Burlington still leaning Conservative

According to LISPOP, the riding of Burlington is still leaning heavily to the Conservatives. It doesn't look like the Orange Crush has taken effect in the riding.

The Liberal candidate is Alyssa Brierley. Her hope of winning rests on a significant number of disgruntled CPC votes bleeding away to the Liberals. I can say this because having scrutinized a few times I've seen firsthand that the NDP support has never shifted enough to the Liberals, even when it could have won the poll.

Soon the NDP will know the frustration of being so close (well, not in Burlington), and yet so far because they will be unable to coax that hardcore support away from another party. What comes around goes around, eh?

I can see both side of the coin though. Why should an NDP supporter deny their party the funding that comes with their vote? Small as the sacrifice may seem on an individual basis, it's the cohesiveness of the riding level support that can make a difference on the funding for the party and candidate, a hard lesson that the Liberals might soon get to experience themselves. When you are third party status, lending your votes can amount to political seppuku.

On the other hand, I want to see Stephen Harper out of the PMO enough that I would still be inclined to cast my vote to the party that had the best chance of defeating the Conservatives.

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