Monday, April 25, 2011

Thought on the NDP surge

One of the things that has been somewhat downplayed is Jack Layton's current reliance on a cane, with the impression being that maybe the NDP were trying to avoid having Jack appear as a weakened leader, or too much like a senior citizen.

But, perhaps this is actually contributing to their current success?

The median age in Canada as of 2011 is an all time high of 41, which means that half of the population is middle aged, or older.

Looking at the Wikipedia entry on the Demogrphics of Canada, the largest cohorts in 2010 were in the 45 and 50 year range:

Could it be that an aging population sees something they identify with a little more, adding to the appeal of the NDP and the 60 year old Layton?

Obviously, I'm not saying this is the only factor, or even the largest of the many circumstances, but perhaps a significant one that has contributed to what is looking like a Sea change in the Canadian political landscape.

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