Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A few cents more

To say that Monday night's returns were the result of further polarization in Canadian politics wouldn't be entirely accurate. While there is some evidence to say that this is a factor, it is still one out of a myriad.

One of the things that has been gradually helping the Conservatives towards this majority has been their own creep towards the centre of the Canadian political spectrum, where they will have to govern from if they want to solidify their gains. This is a transformation that has had to happen gradually, to avoid over straining the "stretch" that party is experiencing (this will become evident as Ontario and Toronto makes it's way back into the fold, and Alberta begins to wonder wtf they were thinking).

Stephen Harper's appeal to right-leaning Liberal voters was not an off-the-cuff remark. This was a focused tactic, a strategy which was geared toward pulling in more of the centrist vote, and it worked. This echoed Jack Layton's own "Lend us your votes" strategy from a few elections ago where the NDP pulled in the other direction; only the Liberal party could be targeted in this way (from opposite directions).

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